Animal Life HD

4.5 ( 1355 ratings )
Ensino Livros
Developer: hulmo Inc
4.99 USD

As an anniversary sale for topping the ranking of the iTunes store Japan.

This illustrated guide to the total of 51 species of animals (more coming later) provides you new experience with enjoyable photos and motion pictures.

This product "Animal Life" is English version.
This product is exclusively for the use of iPad.

To view the explanation of each animal along with photos and motion pictures, tap an animated icon of the desired animal on the menu screen. To carefully view each animal picture, switch the mode to "Picture Mode" on the menu screen. Photos can be scaled to any desired size with pinch in and out (multitouch screen control).

On the animal screen, motion pictures will be played by sliding a finger on a motion picture or tapping the play button. Also, the playback speed can be adjusted by moving the slider according to your preference. For instance, if you want to play the motion pictures in reverse, move the slider from right to left.

Please enjoy the animal photos and motion pictures along with explanations in the "Animal Life".